What Are The Health Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

There are more vegans than ever before in the UK (over half a million according to recent studies in fact!) and in most towns and cities you’ll now be able to find vegan-friendly, or fully vegan cafes, restaurants, shops, and supermarket sections where you can buy vegan produce.

A vegan may have decided to change to this diet for several reasons, but in recent years there has been an upward trend of those looking to go vegan purely for health reasons.

Boost Your Nutrient Intake 

Through a traditional western diet you are using meat to bulk up meals when cooking. Although you will gain nutrients through this type of diet, with a vegan diet you can increase these levels significantly. Instead of thinking about the nutrients you are losing out on by stopping eating meat, think about the many different types of ingredients you can use to bulk up meals through a vegan lifestyle. You’ll naturally eat more fruit and vegetables, but a vegan diet also consists…

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What’s the Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?

According to the most recent studies, there are now over half a million vegans in the UK. The poll conducted in 2016 saw a dramatic rise in numbers from ten years previously (when the number was around 150,000). When you add that to the total number of vegetarians in the UK at being around three million people you can begin to see how important the trend has become to the country and what impact it has on everyday life and how we shop, eat, and live as a society.

We no longer talk about vegetarianism and veganism in niche terms – it is very much mainstream, and throughout the UK you’ll find countless vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, retail stores and supermarkets (as well as vegan and vegetarian-friendly versions of all of the above).

In simple terms, though, what is the difference between a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle?

Both vegans and vegetarians choose not to eat animals. This is for a wide variety of reasons; some for health reaso…

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