The Best Places For Vegan Food In Sheffield

So You're Looking For The Best Vegan Restaurants in Sheffield


Sheffield is full of exciting and innovative spaces, full of colour, cosy cafés, fast-food and vegan junk food options, and combinations of tasty craft beer and vegan meals. Take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants that you should definitely try out in Sheffield.


Make No Bones (Church – Temple of Fun)

Make No Bones might be the best example of vegan food in Sheffield. It is 100% vegan, throughout the entire food and drinks menu. The team has developed a menu that is tasty and full of junk food options. It began with pop-up events throughout Sheffield, and since leaving its own restaurant space has since joined the incredibly exciting 100% vegan space at the Church – Temple of Fun. The Church is an arcade bar, with the décor inspired by South American religious iconography, and makes the perfect setting 


Blue Moon Café ( …
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Is Leeds any good for Vegans?

Are There Any Good Vegan Restaurants in Leeds?


Leeds is a great city to live in, and it’s always been exciting on the food front. You can see this in the varied selection of vegan and vegan-friendly places you can head for a bite to eat, whether you are after a snack during the day, a slap-up meal, or some junk food on a big night out on the town. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices for vegan food in Leeds.


Temple Coffee and Donuts (Burley Place)

Donuts. What’s not to love? There are some amazing examples of vegan donut places around the world these days, and Leeds was always going to be one of the hip UK cities to offer up a tasty treat. Every single donut that they offer in Temple Coffee and Donuts is vegan, so you can go in with your eyes (and mouth) wide open, waiting to be treated to a sensation. Choose from The Brownie (a ring donut rolled in Oreo crumb after being dipped in a sugar glaze), The Choc …

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