We’ve Checked Out 5 Of The Best Vegan Restaurants in Leicester For You


Leicester is well known for its many great Indian restaurants, and vegetarian cuisine over the years. It has always been one of the first cities to welcome new ideas within food, and as soon as the vegan craze took off nationwide, it was no surprise that Leicester would be a hotbed for vegan restaurants, and vegan-friendly establishments. Here, we’ve put together a few of the standout vegan restaurants in Leicester, if you are seeking out a regular haunt or you are visiting the city for the first time and you are unaware of what it has to offer for vegans.


Prana Café (Horsefair St.)

With the motto that ‘Health is the New Wealth’, Prana Café is a city centre café that is 100% vegan and is situated within the incredibly stunning Grade II listed historic building right next to Town Hall Square. This elegant and luxurious setting isn’t what you immediately think of when you think of vegan-friendly cafés and restaurants, but with the high and ornate ceilings this is a special café that just happens to be vegan. The entire menu is natural and vegan, with gluten-free options also available. The clean and crisp feel to the menu can be seen in the artisan bread that is used to make the sandwiches in house, whilst highly-regarded ‘superfoods’ are used to create all the salads. The coffee is sourced from award-winning Square Mile, London. Prana is more than just a café though, also providing a space for documentary screenings, motivational coaching sessions, meditation, yoga, poetry recitals etc. 


Herb Restaurant (Granby St.)

Focusing on beautiful Ayurveda and Kerala food, Herb is one of the finest examples of vegetarian Indian cuisine in Leicester, and also has a wide range of vegan options on the menu, alongside gluten-free options and nut-free dishes. Easy to find in the city centre, Herb has been opened by the team behind the popular Kayal restaurant, and is all the beautiful best of Kerala that you would expect, including large dosas, a range of spiced and delicious curries, aromatic soup and light, tasty dishes. The starters and side dishes are huge, and if you are going with a bug group of friends this makes for a tasty buffet where you can legitimately order loads of things to try (the vegan thali is a good shout here), all washed down with some vegan wine. 


Healthy Louisa Café (Belgrave Gate)

This vegan deli was first established in the city centre back in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. In fact, the eatery has been named in the top 50 vegan restaurants in the whole of the UK in recent times, regularly appearing in annual lists of this type. Healthy Louisa is easy to find, near the main bus station in the city centre, and is well-known as a hearty place to pick up breakfast, brunch, or lunch. You can pick up nourishing and charging bowls of porridge and granola, or lunchtime treats of stews and curry chickpeas to name just a few. Cakes, brownies, and other plant-based sweet treats are also available at the deli counter. The idea behind Healthy Louisa was to help people get their five-a-day without feeling it was a chore, developing a menu that was primarily based around taste, but happened to be vegan-friendly.


The Pantry (Loseby Lane)

This beautiful, cosy café may be small in size, but it has a big reputation, and is well known for its amazing vegan cuisine, and some incredible salad bowls, curries, cakes, coffees, and flatbreads. In the prominent ‘Lanes’, The Pantry makes the most of the buzz around the range of independent businesses in this part of town, and it is a stylish establishment, with dark walls, plenty of little flourishes and lavish décor that shows how the little details can have the biggest impact on how a café of any type can feel to the customer. The Pantry is unique, and this level of detail and quality can be felt through the menu, complementing the homemade and family vibe to proceedings. The menu is simple, and incredibly tasty, with a contemporary twist on Asian classics.


North Bar & Kitchen (Hinckley Road)

This award-winning restaurant is known for its incredible dedication to finesse and quality, seasonal ingredients throughout its menu, and a team that is keen to develop its own in-house range of syrups, oils, and garnish to finish dishes to a new, and higher level than you would usually expect. For such a fancy restaurant the idea to serve a tasting menu that is entirely vegan was a brave one, but it has paid off. £35 per person for the tasting menu, with wine pairing available, the quality of ingredients shines through, with some amazing concepts that have to be tastes to be believed. 


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