It is the North West’s biggest city, but are there any good Vegan Restaurants in Manchester?

Manchester is a thriving city and a bustling hub of activity. The vegan and vegetarian scene in the city is absolutely buzzing, with a bunch of restaurants and cafés that serve those seeking a plant-based diet. Take a look at our picks of some of the finest vegan restaurants in Manchester.

The Allotment (Lloyd Street)

The Allotment is an award-winning vegan restaurant that was first opened in Stockport, before relocating into Manchester city centre. During its time in Stockport, The Allotment was awarded the title of Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the UK by The Times, which shows you the quality of food you can expect to find when visiting here. There was never even a passing moment when the team being The Allotment wanted to just re-create non-vegan dishes. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with that approach, but the idea here is that instead you’ll experience dishes and flavour combinations that you might not have ever seen at any other restaurant. The smoked confit beetroot is divine, as are the beer battered banana blossom and the cauliflower hot wings.

Idle Hands (Dale Street)

It’s no surprise that there are plenty of coffee shops in Manchester, so it is quite hard to stand out. Idle Hands was originally just a pop-up on Piccadilly Station Approach, but it was so successful that it has moved to a new home on Dale Street and has opened up a full kitchen that is welcoming to vegans, with a whole host of delicious coffee, cakes, snacks, and meals delivered that are nourishing and warming. The shop has a very precise, Scandinavian vibe to it, with really friendly staff at hand at all times, serving up dairy-free coffees and vegan cherry pie. Whether you are looking for a dairy-free alternative to your daily coffee (they can serve up some great oat-milk), or you are searching for the best place to go as a vegan for a cuppa and a slice, Idle Hands is a lovely place to visit.

Bundobust (Piccadilly)

There has been so much hype around Bundobust since it first opened, and with good reason. It is a simple premise, with the tables and benches in this underground Indian restaurant lending itself to an open, friendly environment where you sit next to your fellow diners and eat out of bio-degradable polystyrene trays to promote an eco-friendly venture. The entire menu consists of small plates, mostly vegan, with some veggie, alongside an extremely long list of craft beer. It is always busy, but the good thing is the crowd is always mixed (a good sign), including groups of students, ‘hipsters’, young professionals, and families all happily sitting side-by-side. The inspiring food includes Raghda Pethis, the Gobi Mushroom Manchurian, both worth experiencing for a new taste sensation, and best of all each dish is around the fiver mark in price!

Note: Bundobust have also now opened a restaurant on Liverpool’s iconic Bold Street.

The Deaf Institute (Grosvenor Street)

You might think of The Deaf Institute as primarily a gig venue (it’s a pretty damn fine one), or as somewhere you go to dance away at a club night on a Friday night (they do pretty well at that sort of thing too!), but what you might not realise is that it’s a great place to go for vegan food. The kitchen is mostly vegan, with plant-based alternatives to fish and chips, burgers, chicken and waffles, and curries. Ice Shack also provide the tasty vegan ice cream that serves up from the dessert menu, meaning that you can have an entirely meat and dairy-free experience without missing any flavour or joy. One of the most popular days to visit The Deaf Institute is on a Sunday when the legendary Vegan Hangover menu provides ample recovery for the body and soul, including the full-on vegan roast!

V-Rev (Edge Street)

V-Rev was one of the first, a prime mover in the vegan junk-food game. It’s legendary in the city, and continues to improve and serve up some of the best vegan food you’ll find anywhere, not just in Manchester. For those seeking out the junk food that meat-eaters have had sole use of for decades, V-Rev do it better than anyone else, serving up beefy or chicken seitan burgers that are bursting with ingredients, sauce, and flavour. The frickles are to die for (these are essentially tasty little pickle chips that have been breaded and deep fried), huuuuge portions of fries, and even a doughnut burger (a fried seitan chicken burger packed with everything you could wish for and then squeezed between two doughnuts instead of a bun!). Vegan junk food is now available in other places, but is there anywhere doing it better than the original V-Rev? We doubt it very much!

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