Some Ideas For Eating Vegan In Birmingham

Probably The Best Vegan Restaurants in Birmingham   Birmingham has always been a big culinary city. As one of the biggest cities in the entire country, and such a melting pot of cultures, it is no surprise that it has been at the forefront of vegan cuisine over the years. This has come into greater focus as the popularity of veganism amongst the general public has increased, and you’ll find a plethora of fantastic vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés in many different areas of Birmingham. We’ve had a stab at narrowing it down to a few for you, but keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground, as there are many more to sample.   Natural Bar & Kitchen (Suffolk Street) Located in the city centre, Natural Bar & Kitchen offers the best of both worlds in terms of easy, fast, buffet-style eating, and an a la carte menu after midday. The main menu has a wide range of choices, from lighter open sandwiches on sourdough bread, ‘tofish’ and chips, …
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