5 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Leicester

We've Checked Out 5 Of The Best Vegan Restaurants in Leicester For You   Leicester is well known for its many great Indian restaurants, and vegetarian cuisine over the years. It has always been one of the first cities to welcome new ideas within food, and as soon as the vegan craze took off nationwide, it was no surprise that Leicester would be a hotbed for vegan restaurants, and vegan-friendly establishments. Here, we’ve put together a few of the standout vegan restaurants in Leicester, if you are seeking out a regular haunt or you are visiting the city for the first time and you are unaware of what it has to offer for vegans.   Prana Café (Horsefair St.) With the motto that ‘Health is the New Wealth’, Prana Café is a city centre café that is 100% vegan and is situated within the incredibly stunning Grade II listed historic building right next to Town Hall Square. This elegant and luxurious setting isn’t what you immediately think of when you think of ve…
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