Some Of The Best Vegan Restaurants In Nottingham

Are These The Best Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham?   East Midlands is often overlooked when it comes to discussions about taste and culture, but it really shouldn’t be. There is plenty going on in Nottingham in particular, especially a thriving vegan and vegetarian food scene that is ripe for tasting. Whether you are after a suitable daytime café, a fancy vegan restaurant, or a fun café where you can eat delicious vegan food and play board games at the same time, Nottingham has you covered. Here, we take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham.   The Dice Cup (Mansfield Road) The Dice Cup is an intriguing and fun concept, bringing together some amazing food and boardgames in one place. The board game café is the perfect place to come to with a partner or friends, with hundreds of board games on the shelves for you to try every single day of the week between 10am and 11pm. If you are into games, this is the place to come and meet and make n…
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