Are There Any Good Vegan Restaurants in Leeds?


Leeds is a great city to live in, and it’s always been exciting on the food front. You can see this in the varied selection of vegan and vegan-friendly places you can head for a bite to eat, whether you are after a snack during the day, a slap-up meal, or some junk food on a big night out on the town. Let’s take a look at some of the best choices for vegan food in Leeds.


Temple Coffee and Donuts (Burley Place)

Donuts. What’s not to love? There are some amazing examples of vegan donut places around the world these days, and Leeds was always going to be one of the hip UK cities to offer up a tasty treat. Every single donut that they offer in Temple Coffee and Donuts is vegan, so you can go in with your eyes (and mouth) wide open, waiting to be treated to a sensation. Choose from The Brownie (a ring donut rolled in Oreo crumb after being dipped in a sugar glaze), The Choc Orange (Filled with Orange cream, drizzled with chocolate and topped with a chocolate orange segment), The Galaxy (the shop’s classic donut with a blue swirl glaze). They also have a range of specials, especially at Christmas time. One of the best things about Temple though, is that you can pair your donut with some of their coffee and hot chocolate, the staff are always happy to help you make the right pairing choice!


Humpit (Leeds Coal Exchange)

At this delightful Coal Exchange café, you can explore a whole variety of homemade hummus from the Humpit crew. The menu is varied, showcasing how versatile hummus really is, including something as simple as the Humpit salad – which is fresh salad leaves, plenty of hummus, and whatever toppings you’d like to add from the Humpit salad bar. For aficionados of hummus, why not keep it simple and go for the classic Humpit hummus bowl, which is topped with chickpeas (whole), falafel, and a warm pocket of pitta to dip with. Sometimes the simple things are the best, and at Humpit you will have that warm, nourishing feeling that a big bowl of hummus shared with friends can bring. 


The Grub & Grog Shop (Sheaf Street)

Brunch shouldn’t just be for meat eaters and vegetarians. In Leeds, The Grub & Grog Shop have led the way as one of the coolest places to hangout in the city. Until 4pm each afternoon though, it also serves up the finest vegan brunch around. The breakfast offerings bring vegans from all over the city, with all the great vegan things you want off a traditional meaty breakfast (hash browns, mushrooms, beans, and toast), but added to that a whole stack of vegetable fritters. Alternatively, why not try the bubble and squeak to taste the selection of root vegetables, seasonal greens, and the exquisite brown sauce that is made on site. 


Knave’s Kitchen (Oporto – Call Lane)

Right at the back of Oporto you’ll find Knave’s Kitchen. This is the place to be for delicious vegan junk food like nowhere else in the city. Junk food should be a dirty, pleasurable, finger-licking experience, and you certainly get that at Knave’s Kitchen, where there is no kale or other traditionally ‘healthy’ vegan options on the menu, and there’s loads of deep-fried delicious treats to choose from! Jamaican curry, beer-battered tofu butties, and the CFC (A MASSIVE wrap filled with Brazilian slaw, chive ranch and ‘chicken’ goujons that have been battered to the extreme!). The loaded fries are something else too, so make sure to leave some room to try a bit of everything before you roll yourself out the door at the end of the night!


Punk (Brudenell Road)

An institution in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, Punk has always pushed the boundaries, and with the 100% plant-based menu you’ll be spoiled for choice when you first sit down and lay eyes on your choices. The café is packed full of greenery, wood panelling, and a warm, wintry feel in the most pleasant of ways. It’s the type of place you’re happy to sit in, away from the cold, for a few hours. The menu itself is incredible, with chilli cheese fries and cauli wings as sides, pizzas, burgers, burritos and more for mains, and sumptuous brownies for pudding. 

Bundobust (Mill Hill)

Bundobust is making waves in the North, and Leeds is lucky enough to be one of the destinations for this cool bar-café-restaurant that serves up delicious craft beer and mouth-watering Indian street food. Bundobust is 100% vegan, and there are some amazing vegan options on the menu. It is well worth venturing in, finding a seat at one of the long, communal tables, and then tuck into some of the tasty treats on offer. The onion bhajis and curries packed full of flavour and vegetables, Raghda Pethis, and much more, make it a very welcoming proposition for any veggie or vegan in Leeds. Why not order a whole selection of street food samples and share with a group of friends over a lazy hour or so?


Cantina (Vicar Lane)

Found above The Old Red Bus Station Cantina is a haven for vegans. The service and food are casual to the extreme, one of the most relaxed restaurants you’ll ever come across actually. No meat or dairy in sight, meaning you can enter with complete peace of mind that whatever you choose is vegan. Soul food and American diner is the definite inspiration behind the menu at Cantina. BBQ Jackfruit wings sit alongside the melting mac ‘n’ cheeze and the chili fries. Seitan patties are used to create some of the most delightful and mind-bendingly tasty burgers, and there are even cow-friendly milkshakes to wash it all down with. 

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