Are These The Best Vegan Restaurants in Nottingham?


East Midlands is often overlooked when it comes to discussions about taste and culture, but it really shouldn’t be. There is plenty going on in Nottingham in particular, especially a thriving vegan and vegetarian food scene that is ripe for tasting. Whether you are after a suitable daytime café, a fancy vegan restaurant, or a fun café where you can eat delicious vegan food and play board games at the same time, Nottingham has you covered. Here, we take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Nottingham.


The Dice Cup (Mansfield Road)

The Dice Cup is an intriguing and fun concept, bringing together some amazing food and boardgames in one place. The board game café is the perfect place to come to with a partner or friends, with hundreds of board games on the shelves for you to try every single day of the week between 10am and 11pm. If you are into games, this is the place to come and meet and make new friends, to find your people and to also have some tasty food. The vegan light bites come in the form of wraps, toast, panini, wraps, and a range of delicious vegan cakes from a local bakery. 


Prickly Pear (Mansfield Road)

Just out on the edges of the city centre, Prickly Pear is a masterpiece of international cuisine, serving up everything from Buddha bowls to tacos, ribs, burgers, cakes, coffee, hash-based breakfasts, and much more. What the team at Prickly Pear wanted to address was one of the biggest problems that many vegan places have suffered with over the years, how to recreate cheese. For many vegans or those wishing to become vegan, it isn’t so much the meat that is missed, but the cheese. At Prickly Pear they’ve made something that is delicious, and most importantly, has the correct texture, and can be found on the No Frickin’ Chicken burger, and Jack ‘n’ Grilled. Alongside this indulgent vegan junk food is a range of tasty breakfast and lunch options, with plenty of vegan alternatives to classic dishes. There is also a tasty daily desserts section, with favourites such as ice cream and mocha cake.


Sweet Vibes (Long Acre)

Sweet vibes is a sweet name for this café which has taken the traditional, quaint and comfortable English café idea and made it a celebration of all things vegan. A range of savoury dishes, cakes and desserts sit alongside superfood salads, in one of the most chilled out environments you could ever wish for. The café can be found underneath a yoga studio, but the atmosphere is welcoming to absolutely everyone in this 100% plant-based café. If you want to get healthy with the salads, you can; if you fancy treating your sweet tooth to an indulgent vegan cake, there’s plenty of that on offer too! One of the best things about Sweet Vibes is that it always has an item on the menu that offers a hearty feed and some warmth during the winter, with daily specials including sweet potato and peanut stew. The seasonal produce is excellent, and customers who bring allotment ingredients to donate to the café are rewarded with free meals – helping to enhance the community vibe.


The Sumac Café (Gladstone St.)

The Sumac Café is only open one evening every week, but it is an important part of the Nottingham vegan scene, as well as the community in general. The idea is a simple one, with one dish cooked and served by volunteers and payment made by donation only. There is also a once a month, cocktail ‘sigh night’ to keep an eye out for. The suggested donation for a vegan meal is £3.50, but some people pay more, and others who cannot afford anything but need a decent meal are given a dish. It is a not-for-profit organisation promoting social justice, animal rights, peace, and environmental awareness – with regular film screenings, music events, and jumble sales.


No. Twelve (Wheeler Gate)

No. Twelve offers its customers a selection of fine dining options for both vegetarian and vegan diners. It is only open during the day (apart from Saturday when it is open 9am – 10pm), and bookings must be made in advance. It is certainly an exclusive and intimate setting, with open sandwiches, parties, coffee, cake, protein bowls, and much more on the menu. There is also an exquisite chef’s tasting menu on offer. One of the biggest selling points to the vegan community at No. Twelve is that it leaves every single dish on the menu open – you can request that any dish is made vegan, and without compromising the taste at all. No. twelve is also one of the few places where you can get a genuinely cracking vegan Roast dinner (including a fabulous vegan Yorkshire pudding!).

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