Don’t Try These Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh …

... you won't want to live anywhere else!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with plenty of history and tradition in its old streets. It’s a fantastic place to wander around, with stunning architecture, great art and culture, a cracking music scene and nightlife, and also a brilliant selection of restaurants and cafés serving up vegan food. Here, we run down some of the finest vegan restaurants in Edinburgh.

1. Holy Cow (Elder Street)

Located right by the main bus station in Edinburgh you might at first miss Holy Cow, but it is well worth stopping to look, just down the steps of a stone tenement building. It is an unassuming café that has gained in popularity over the years and despite being located close to a busy junction, in an always busy part of the city centre, it is a little oasis. This quiet spot has a simple aesthetic and is welcoming to all who enter. The speciality of Holy Cow is the selection of Muu Burgers, such as Vietnamese tofu, as well as having…

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