We Heard There Were No Good Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow …

So we had to check. And we found 7 GREAT Vegan Restaurants for you to try!

Glasgow has always been forward thinking, and it is no surprise that it has often led the way in environmental issues, the arts and music world, and with vegetarian (and now vegan) cuisine. There is plenty to love about Glasgow, and here we’ve put together some of the finest restaurants for vegan food you can find when visiting here or if you live here and are thinking about changing to a meat and dairy-free lifestyle.

Mono (King’s Court)

Mono (along with Stereo, The Flying Duck, and The 78, its sister venues) has become a staple and an institution on the Glasgow scene, and is a true haven for vegans in the city. The food is absolutely gorgeous, including the fennel sausage and black pudding pizzas, as well as the Cubano sandwich with a twist, made from a brisket of jackfruit! There is so much more to Mono than just the great vegan food though, it is a real community hub and bar, with…

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