Preparing for a Veggie Christmas

Christmas time is a wonderful part of the year with plenty of joy, gift-giving (and receiving), and the part that everyone loves the most – Christmas dinner. If you are a vegetarian, however, you’ll be a little bit warier than meat-eaters about what many people put forward as the best meal of the entire year.

For most vegetarians, Christmas dinner for many decades has meant one thing – nut roast. These two words would have struck terror into the hearts of vegetarians up and down the country, expecting something bland, overcooked, and lacking in the joy we come to expect from this time of year. However, things have changed and the nut roast is once again a realistic, tasty, option for Christmas dinner as a vegetarian. Nuts are one of the staple parts of the diet for any vegetarian or vegan, all year-round, so it makes a lot of sense to utilise them for the showstopper at the centrepiece of a vegetarian Christmas dinner. A nut roast offers up a traditional savoury d…

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