We Heard There Were No Good Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow …

So we had to check. And we found 7 GREAT Vegan Restaurants for you to try!

Glasgow has always been forward thinking, and it is no surprise that it has often led the way in environmental issues, the arts and music world, and with vegetarian (and now vegan) cuisine. There is plenty to love about Glasgow, and here we’ve put together some of the finest restaurants for vegan food you can find when visiting here or if you live here and are thinking about changing to a meat and dairy-free lifestyle.

Mono (King’s Court)

Mono (along with Stereo, The Flying Duck, and The 78, its sister venues) has become a staple and an institution on the Glasgow scene, and is a true haven for vegans in the city. The food is absolutely gorgeous, including the fennel sausage and black pudding pizzas, as well as the Cubano sandwich with a twist, made from a brisket of jackfruit! There is so much more to Mono than just the great vegan food though, it is a real community hub and bar, with…

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7 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in London

Are there any great Vegan Restaurants in London? Of course, it's one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet!

London is a genuine world city, with art, culture, and cuisine from all parts of the globe. If you are a vegan living or visiting London, you will have no problem finding somewhere tasty to eat out. It was tough work trying to whittle down the long list of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in the big smoke, but we’ve had a go. We are always happy to hear your own opinions on what we’ve chosen and to hear your own personal favourite vegan restaurants in London.

Black Cat (Clapton)

This not-for-profit workers’ cooperative is an ethical vegan-only café that also serves as a bookshop in Hackney. It is one of the best places in the whole of London for healthy, delicious, plant-based food if you’re looking to eat out on a budget. The salad plates are absolutely incredible and are ever-changing. Expect to see variations of salad including pesto, …

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Are There Any Great Vegan Restaurants in Manchester?

It is the North West's biggest city, but are there any good Vegan Restaurants in Manchester?

Manchester is a thriving city and a bustling hub of activity. The vegan and vegetarian scene in the city is absolutely buzzing, with a bunch of restaurants and cafés that serve those seeking a plant-based diet. Take a look at our picks of some of the finest vegan restaurants in Manchester.

The Allotment (Lloyd Street)

The Allotment is an award-winning vegan restaurant that was first opened in Stockport, before relocating into Manchester city centre. During its time in Stockport, The Allotment was awarded the title of Best Vegetarian Restaurant in the UK by The Times, which shows you the quality of food you can expect to find when visiting here. There was never even a passing moment when the team being The Allotment wanted to just re-create non-vegan dishes. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with that approach, but the idea here is that instead you’ll experien…

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Don’t Try These Vegan Restaurants in Edinburgh …

... you won't want to live anywhere else!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, with plenty of history and tradition in its old streets. It’s a fantastic place to wander around, with stunning architecture, great art and culture, a cracking music scene and nightlife, and also a brilliant selection of restaurants and cafés serving up vegan food. Here, we run down some of the finest vegan restaurants in Edinburgh.

1. Holy Cow (Elder Street)

Located right by the main bus station in Edinburgh you might at first miss Holy Cow, but it is well worth stopping to look, just down the steps of a stone tenement building. It is an unassuming café that has gained in popularity over the years and despite being located close to a busy junction, in an always busy part of the city centre, it is a little oasis. This quiet spot has a simple aesthetic and is welcoming to all who enter. The speciality of Holy Cow is the selection of Muu Burgers, such as Vietnamese tofu, as well as having…

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Are These The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool?

We're on the lookout for the best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool and We think we've found them ...

Liverpool has always been keen to push the boundaries in every aspect of life, art, and culture. When it comes to vegan cuisine it is certainly the case, with a whole host of restaurants and cafés serving up tasty meat-free dishes throughout the city centre and beyond. It’s hard to choose just five, but that’s what we’ve been tasked with, taking on the task of sampling the food on offer in each and putting together a brief guide to the 5 best vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

Down The Hatch

Down the Hatch (Duke Street) – Before Down the Hatch there wasn’t anywhere in Liverpool that was unabashedly serving up junk food for vegans. Veganism was always looked upon as a little different to pigging out on junk food as a meat-eater. The guys at Down the Hatch thought this was a little unfair, and set about creating genuine, authentic vegan junk food. There are items on…

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