Stuff that is accidentally Vegan

Changing your lifestyle to become vegan is hard work, and in a world where there are so many products and foodstuffs to choose from it takes a complete switch in mindset to start looking at food labels in more detail and to source items in your grocery shop that are completely free of animal-based ingredients. You’ll already have a staple of vegan ingredients that you might not know are vegan, making it an easy start to your switch to a new way of life. Here, we take a look at some snacks and other food items that are accidentally vegan, but first, let us see some of the more obvious vegan food and items, including;

 Dry Pasta  Tinned Baked Beans  Marmite and other Yeast Extracts  Peanut Butter  Ketchup and Most Brown Sauces  Bisto Gravy  Mustard  Rice  Hummus  Chips (always cook them in vegetable oil!)  Jam  Crumpets  Porridge

Obviously, alongside these staple products, you can easily boost your vegan diet with fruits, vegetables, pulses, …

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