So You’re Looking For The Best Vegan Restaurants in Sheffield


Sheffield is full of exciting and innovative spaces, full of colour, cosy cafés, fast-food and vegan junk food options, and combinations of tasty craft beer and vegan meals. Take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants that you should definitely try out in Sheffield.


Make No Bones (Church – Temple of Fun)

Make No Bones might be the best example of vegan food in Sheffield. It is 100% vegan, throughout the entire food and drinks menu. The team has developed a menu that is tasty and full of junk food options. It began with pop-up events throughout Sheffield, and since leaving its own restaurant space has since joined the incredibly exciting 100% vegan space at the Church – Temple of Fun. The Church is an arcade bar, with the décor inspired by South American religious iconography, and makes the perfect setting 


Blue Moon Café ( St James’ Street)

Blue Moon Café is one of those places that you want to return to again and again. It is a place to make new, warm memories every single time, with friendly staff and a place that can become a second home. With vegan-friendly options, and dishes that are fully loaded, stacked high, and packed full of flavour, you’ll never want to leave! The savoury food and absolutely amazing selection of cakes (that are mostly vegan and gluten-free) make for a filling lunch out. The drinks menu is either vegan or can be made vegan too. 


Humpit (Leopold Street)

Humpit is the mecca for hummus in Sheffield. It is relatively new, after success in Leeds, and there are loads of simple fresh hummus dishes, topped with full chickpeas and falafel, warm, fresh flatbreads to dip and to mop up, as well as a whole host of other options. There are salads and other dishes where you can sample hummus in a variety of ways. 


The Beer Engine (Cemetery Road)

Another veggie and vegan-friendly place, the tapas menu at The Beer Engine must be tasted to be believed. It’s never the easiest thing to go out for as a vegan, with many meat options on the menu of most traditional tapas restaurants. At The Beer Engine however, you’ll find that the vegan options are a central part of the menu, and not just an add-on after some requests from potential customers. With a great Monday offer of 2-4-1 on all tapas, it is the perfect time to head on down and buy all the vegan tapas! They also do an amazing vegan roast every Sunday.


Craft & Dough (Kelham Square)

This veggie and vegan-friendly pizza place is the perfect place to go for a slice of pizza and a sip of craft beer. Craft & Dough offer up a wide range of pizza options, but there are some amazing vegan options, including the Beets & Roots special that is topped with salt-baked beetroot puree, root vegetables that have been roasted in thyme and honey, and topped with rocket. Always ask for the vegan options, or vegan alternatives to the pizzas and the team will be happy to oblige. They also have a great offer of two pizzas and a pint of lager (or glass of wine) for £15.


Pom’s Kitchen (Sharrow Vale Road)

Pom’s Kitchen might be a little on the small side, but it certainly packs a flavour for vegans looking for a big, tasty feed in Sheffield. The colourful café is inspired by Australia, and there is an extensive range of vegan options on the menu. In fact, every single dish on the menu can be made vegan upon request, which isn’t something you can always say about vegan-friendly restaurants. Expect big wellness bowls, avo on toast, and the famous Pom’s Kitchen banana bread. The vegan breakfast with sour dough toast, grilled tomatoes, avocado, and smoked tofu is also a firm favourite. 


Just Falafs (Chesterfield Road)

An institution in Sheffield, Just Falafs does exactly what it promises, falafel! It is a cosy, intimate Middle Eastern restaurant that is well known for serving up a range of falafel dishes that are packed full of flavour. There is a communal-style dining area at the restaurant, but it also offers a pretty good takeaway service too. There is more to Just Falafs than just falafel though, believe it or not. The pitta and hummus are also great to start with. The service in Just Falafs is always top notch, with very friendly staff and relatively quick service, even on the busy weekends. 


The Bhaji Shop (Ball Street)

The Bhaji Shop is vegan and veggie friendly, and it is one of the most popular veggie restaurants in the whole of Sheffield. Everything you can try on the menu sets the tastebuds on fire in our experience. There isn’t a bad dish to be found, so it’s really difficult for us to point one in particular out for you to try. What we would say is that you should go there, time and again and keep working your way through the menu, and always take a flatbread to dunk your bhaji’s and flatbread. 

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