So we had to check. And we found 7 GREAT Vegan Restaurants for you to try!

Glasgow has always been forward thinking, and it is no surprise that it has often led the way in environmental issues, the arts and music world, and with vegetarian (and now vegan) cuisine. There is plenty to love about Glasgow, and here we’ve put together some of the finest restaurants for vegan food you can find when visiting here or if you live here and are thinking about changing to a meat and dairy-free lifestyle.

Mono (King’s Court)

Mono (along with Stereo, The Flying Duck, and The 78, its sister venues) has become a staple and an institution on the Glasgow scene, and is a true haven for vegans in the city. The food is absolutely gorgeous, including the fennel sausage and black pudding pizzas, as well as the Cubano sandwich with a twist, made from a brisket of jackfruit! There is so much more to Mono than just the great vegan food though, it is a real community hub and bar, with a fantastic staff that is warm and welcoming to all, and the famous Monorail independent record store for all your vinyl needs. It’s pretty much always rammed at the weekends, but it’s worth the wait. Otherwise, pop down in the week and have a more leisurely time eating some of the finest vegan food in Glasgow.

Serenity Now (Great Western Road)

Since opening in 2017, this fantastic vegan restaurant in Glasgow’s West End has been gaining ever more popularity due to its innovative dishes and dog-friendly attitude (everyone loves a cuddly dog, don’t they?). The café is always looking for new ways to spruce up the vegan experience, and it was that reason which gained them some notoriety in recent times with the addition of a world first. The vegan sandwich made with Irn Bru caused a stir (it included a barbecue sauce that was created with jackfruit and mushrooms, cooked down in Scotland’s favourite fizzy drink). It was only a short-time special, but expect to see similar in the future, alongside staple massive sandwiches packed with fillings, and an imaginative way to look at meat substitutes.

Glasvegan (St Enoch Square)

Opening in Enoch Square in 2018, Glasvegan promised to serve up comfort food that was delicious, heart-warming in portion size, and most importantly, cruelty-free in its ingredients and preparation. It has certainly delivered all of that in its short time on the vegan scene. The staff are approachable, and always happy to sit and chat through the menu with you, explaining your choices, whether you are looking for their version of a kebab in the Doner Vebab, or a Chilli Cheese Not-Dog. The Sweet Home Avocado Burger is a particular highlight on the menu, delivering a salty, caramelised onion, avocado, and ‘bacon’ bits burger with vegan cheese. Vegan junk food heaven!

Rose & Grant’s (Trongate)

For years there was definitely a feeling that if you were a vegan there was nowhere for you to go to satiate the need for a proper fry-up. The team at Rose & Grant’s empathised and went to work on creating a vegan fry up that delivers the same feeling of a fry-up, and we highly recommend you come and try it just to experience the vegan square sausage, potato scone, and the vegan French Toast. Can’t think of many places better to head to for a cracking vegan breakfast in Glasgow when you are looking to recover from a big night before! There is also meat on the menu here, (boo) but the vegan choices are splendid.

The 13th Note (King Street)

During the day The 13th Note provides a shabby-chic setting to sit in comfort and take on board some proper old-style pub grub in the form of veggie and vegan cuisine. It’s a great place to come for lunch on your own or with friends, and it’s decent for a pint that doesn’t cost the earth too! The menu includes a spicy veggie burger, and a veggie mezze board, with the Reuben a star turn – made with sweet potato, chickpea and mushroom pate, and a cashew and vodka gherkin dressing. If you time it right you can pop in late afternoon/early evening for some tasty vegan food and a pint, and stay for the busy nights, where there are plenty of gigs and events on show.

The Flying Duck (Renfield Street)

A trendy underground bar and venue, The Flying Duck is an amazing find, as there is always something on to entice and excite. It is a unique, classy, and artsy atmosphere and aesthetic, feeling like you could be in a hip underground bar in Paris, Berlin, New York, or anywhere, but not only that it does a great turn in vegan cuisine. The entire menu is proudly 100% vegan, serving tasty vegan twists on classic burgers, chilli cheese fries, mac ‘n’ cheese, and an Irn Bru Float for dessert. Definitely turn up early enough to try the food if you are heading for an event.

Rawnchy (Maryhill Road)

Rawnchy has had great success, moving to open a second café in the East of Glasgow, and is a haven for vegans looking for a welcoming café environment where they can pick up tasty desserts. It is in a quirky location to say the least, right next to the Subway station of St George’s Cross, and it is an informal diner with takeout or sit in options abound. Everything on the menu is free of refined sugar, and is gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

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